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PDS Solutions is a technology company born out of the petroleum industry. It was formed as a partnership between the principals of Pacer Fuels and their in-house developer, Davy Nixon. The principals of the company have over 60 years experience combined in the industry.

The company was formed in early 2013, after Pacer Fuels sold their dealer division. During this transition we discovered that our customers' biggest concern was losing access to our customer portal where they accessed their fuel pricing, invoices, EFT notices, and much more information. As a result of this and no longer needing to worry about losing our competitive advantage, we decided to make this service available to other companies in the industry.

PetroDataSync can help your business improve efficiency and increase customer loyalty.

What do we offer

Easy to use

Our customer portal is designed to very easy to use and accessible on a wide range of devices. For those who need it, we alse build in more advanced functionality such as data exports.

Customer support

We believe exceptional customer support is an integral part of any successful project. We aim to provide the best support in the industry.

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