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Customer Portal

What is PetroDataSync?

PDS Solutions specializes in customer portals for petroleum marketers and distributors. Through the PetroDataSync platform, we help our clients improve business efficiency and enhance customer service. The platform integrates seamlessly with leading petroleum ERP systems and many third-party services to allow for an even greater level of operational efficiency and data management streamlining operations, improving data management, and providing real-time insights that empower businesses to make more informed decisions. With various configuration options available, the platform caters to the unique requirements of each business, ensuring maximum operational efficiency and customer engagement.

The Problem

The petroleum industry is evolving and petroleum marketers are facing increasing pressure to operate more efficiently to maintain existing margins. Our service will help reduce the amount of time your staff spends providing customer service while enhancing your customers' support experience. We can help you manage your existing customers' needs while also giving you an edge over the competition.

Our Solution

Through the PetroDataSync service, your customers can access their fuel pricing, invoices and EFT history, credit cards, place fuel orders and view various reports. We can integrate with most back offices and other data sources. We build each portal around your data and according to your company's unique needs. In most cases, our portal works automatically without any additional involvement from you with the exception of the user registration process. This will save your company time and help increase your business' profitability. We can tie all of your data sources together in one place so your customers can access their account information in one convenient and easy to use location.

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Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Our portal is designed to work on virtually any device from smart phone to tablet to desktop computers so that your customers can use it when they need it most. We do not require any special software, it is designed to work in virtually any modern browser.

Mobile Applications

We offer mobile applications on leading platforms so your customers can easily access the information they need. Our currently offer apps on iOS and Android devices.


We support many of the leading back office accounting systems in the industry and are always looking to add more. We also realize not all businesses operate the same. We can customize your portal to meet your company's unique needs.

See it in action

Our primary business is building customer portals. We strive to offer the best product in the business not only today, but in the future as well.
That means we can not stop with what we currently have, but will continue to improve and enhance our product as both the industry and technology evolves.

Watch Video

Talk is cheap. Seeing is believing. Take a look at our demo video above to see it in action.

Industry Leading Customer Portal for Petroleum Marketers


  • Branded and customizable
  • Mobile apps fully branded
  • Fuel prices
  • EFT history
  • Invoice history
  • Tank readings
  • Fuel orders
  • Credit card detail
  • Account history and reporting
  • Email and push notifications
  • Link Accounts for easy access


  • Portal management
  • Fuel price reporting
  • Fast and simple reporting
  • Order management
  • Email analytics
  • Email and group messaging
  • Convenient mobile access
  • Document manager

Improve Efficiency

Gain a competitive advantage over your competition by lowering your operating costs and empowering your customers with the data they need to make good business decisions.

Gain Advantage

Gain a competitive advantage over your competition by lowering your operating costs and empowering your customers with the data they need to make good business decisions.

Increase Loyalty

Increase customer loyalty by providing your customers with the information they need to do their business with full access to their account information anytime from anywhere.

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