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About us

About us

PDS Solutions is a technology company born out of the petroleum industry. It was formed as a partnership between Davy Nixon and the principals of Pacer Fuels. The principals of the company have over 60 years of combined experience in the industry.

The company was formed in early 2013, after Pacer Fuels began to sell off its assets. During this transition, we discovered that our customers' biggest concern was losing access to our customer portal where they accessed fuel pricing, invoice history, EFT history, reporting, and much more. As a result of this and no longer needing to worry about losing our competitive advantage, we decided to make this service available to other companies in the industry.

We realize how difficult it is to be competitive against increasing competition while maintaining margins. We would like to make our experience and expertise available to other marketers and jobbers in this competitive market by building high quality web applications that will help improve your company's overall efficiency and productivity.

Our history

In 2005, Pacer Fuels initially begun developing a customer portal in order to provide their customers with critical account information in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Before the portal was developed, Pacer Fuels' support staff spent many hours a day mailing, faxing, and emailing account information to customers as well as handling other customer inquiries. The amount of time spent handling these requests was immediately reduced freeing up time for other responsibilities and allowed room for the company to continue to grow while minimizing overhead. Not only was time saved, but the cost of doing business was significantly reduced.

The future

With our industry experience, we believe we are in a unique position to provide a superior product that will meet your company's unique needs. Over the past 8 years we've experienced many changes in the industry and our customer portal has seen a number of iterations each adding and improving functionality. We believe our portal will not only improve your company's efficiency and productivity, but it will also help you gain a competitive advantage over your competition by increasing your customers' satisfaction.

In the media

… portal freed up the client's team from answering daily customer questions. The customers loved that portal so much that its ONLY trepidation with the new buyer was the fear that they would lose their portal!

Betsy Bixby, Meridian, PMAA Journal Spring 2013